Bath Expenses

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Bath time! Like many new parents, I was terrified of giving our little guy his first bath. We had bought a baby tub, but even that looked so big for him. It didn’t help that he was crying the whole time (probably because we weren’t quite sure what we were doing!). However we got through that first bath and pretty soon thereafter, the bath time crying was replaced by smiles and giggles.

I’m happy to take credit for this change, but really I think it’s due to the baby bath tub & shower that we use. In addition to the usual baby tub and newborn sling, you also get a handheld shower, so you don’t have to deal with filling a cup with water and pouring it over the baby. The constant stream of water prevents him from getting cold and also gives him a little massage. He loves it and I’m so glad we bought this.

In addition to this, we also received four baby bath towels as presents. I thought this was way too many and almost returned some of them, but I’m glad I didn’t. Although you could definitely do without baby towels if you are trying to save money or space, I’m happy with what we have. We use two a day– one to cover his torso with while we’re washing his hair (so he doesn’t get cold), and another to dry him after the bath. We wash them every few days, but it’s still nice to have the extra set in case one gets dirty.


The smallest expense in this category are the bath products. We use a combination baby bath soap/shampoo, baby hairbrush, and comb every day. I don’t think there’s any need in buying the separate soap and shampoo products, since the 2-in-1 is just as good. Most babies have soft skin so you don’t really need baby oil or lotion, either. On the few instances when we’ve noticed some dry spots, the Aquaphor we keep in the diaper bin has worked wonders.

I don’t anticipate many more large expenses in this category– I think we will be able to use the baby bathtub for another year or so before transitioning to the regular bathtub. We’ll probably have to buy another bottle of soap/shampoo at some point so I’ll update the total below once that happens.

Breakdown of bath expenses:

  • Bathtub w/shower: :$27
  • Baby soap/shampoo: $3
  • Baby hairbrush: $3
  • Baby comb: $2
  • Baby towels (x4): $56



One way to save money in this category is to use adult towels. Only you can decide whether your baby needs an elephant hoodie to be properly dried off. Another way is to only buy a newborn sling in the beginning, and just use that in your kitchen sink or regular bathtub during the first few months. Once the baby outgrows that, you could potentially transfer to the regular bathtub if you are careful or buy one of those bath booster seats. However, I think this would only save about $10 or so, and would require you to think about a new bath solution as soon as he outgrows the sling.

Things that would increase your expenses would be buying bottles of soap/shampoo/lotion/oil, and of course– buying bath toys! Rubber duckies, waterproof books, etc. — there are so many things out there that would make this total go up.

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