Delivery Expenses

Our insurance year starts over every September 1, so when our doctor called us on August 27 and told us to immediately go to the hospital to be induced because of some blood test results, we were glad that we got in just before the year rolled over. In fact, we were discharged on August 31, right in the nick of time! Because we had met almost a sizeable chunk of our deductible with our pregnancy visits that year, we figured we would be billed for the remaining amount of the deductible ($3800) and then our insurance would take over and there wouldn’t be any additional out of pocket costs for our delivery expenses.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. After reviewing the bills that came in over the next few months, we learned more about our health insurance than we had previously needed to, including the difference between deductibles and out of pocket maximums. After all was said and done, we paid over $6000 medical costs, as detailed below. To give you an idea of what this covered, I stayed in the hospital for a total of four nights (one night while I was in labor and three nights after I had delivered for recovery). I was induced, had an epidural, and ended up with an unplanned c-section.

I am also including a present that we dropped off for the nurses almost four months later, on Christmas Eve. I had meant to ask my husband to bring in coffee and/or bagels for the L&D and Postpartum nurses before I was discharged, but with everything that was going on (you know, getting used to a newborn), it completely slipped my mind. When we went back to drop off a cookie tray around the holidays, we saw most of the nurses again and they were still appreciative. Obviously this expense is not something that everyone will have. My nurses were super nice, so in addition to the usual thank you of letting their supervisor know, I wanted to give them something, as well.

Breakdown of delivery costs:

  • OB (for a c-section): $561.13
  • Anesthesiologist: $521.52
  • Pediatrician: $38.43
  • Hospital charges for me: $3287.56
  • Hospital charges for my son: $1691.72
  • Prescriptions: $33.50
  • Cookie trays for nurses: $20


(This cost could differ greatly depending on your insurance plan. It could also go down if you do not have a c-section.)

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