Medical Expenses

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By far, one of the best purchases we made in this category was the Owlet monitor. The Owlet is a smart sock that you put on your baby’s foot to keep track of their heart rate and oxygen levels. If something seems a little off, the base station plays a sound and changes color, and a message is also sent to your phone so you can go check on your baby. Although (luckily, for us) it was not medically necessary, it has given me peace of mind, especially once our son started sleeping through the night. Here are a few pictures of the sock and base station so you can see what I’m talking about.


In addition to the visits listed below, we also saw a lactation consultant three times, but I filed that as a nursing cost. So far, we’ve gone in to see the pediatrician for one additional weight check visit when our little one was 14 weeks old– this was because I noticed (from weekly weigh-ins at our local Mommy and Me group)– that his weight had gone down, so we went in to make sure everything was okay. We’ve also had a sick visit when he was 17 weeks for some congestion and sneezing. Luckily everything was okay both times!

Breakdown of medical expenses:

  • Owlet monitor: $299.99
  • Weight check visit: $77.54
  • Sick visit: $77.54



The biggest way to save money in this category, outside of the necessary doctor visits, would be to forgo the Owlet monitor. I’m sure we are in the minority of parents who bought this, so it just depends on your comfort level.

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