Baby Toy Expenses

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Since my husband and I both have minimalist tendencies, we didn’t want baby toys to take over our house, especially with our small space. We were also mindful that, as a newborn, our baby wouldn’t be able to grab anything for a few months, and that the best thing for him to focus on were our faces. With that in mind, we haven’t accrued too many baby toy expenses, and most of the toys he has have been gifts from family. I know this will change as our son gets older and we will have to find a balance as we navigate through his childhood.

The first two toys our baby received were from his uncle at only six days old– a Dumbo the elephant stuffed animal and a soft rattle. We also received a rattle/toy/towel set from another uncle. While all have been helpful at times to stop the baby from crying, I probably wouldn’t have bought them all on my own so I’ve only included one in the total below.

There are two “toys” that I’ve been happy with at the newborn to 3 month stage. One is his playmat, which we use every day. It’s colorful, has hanging animals for him to look at and grab, and also includes a mirror. In the beginning it was a nice surface for him to sleep on, but over the months he’s been engaging more and more with the little animals– “talking” to them and pulling them towards him. There are a few different versions you can buy– pond friends, jungle friends, ocean friends, etc. One of the nice things about this one is that it easily folds up to store in a corner or under the couch, so it doesn’t have to be out all day. The other item I love is the Bjorn bouncer. It is expensive, but absolutely worth it. It might even be worth taking a few things off your registry to get this. To be honest, ever since I saw this at a friend’s house a few years ago, I knew I wanted one for my future kids. If you’re not familiar with Baby Bjorn products, they are sleek, comfortable, well-designed, and practical. The bouncer we purchased has four settings so it can grow with the baby. As a newborn, our son didn’t like it that much, but now, at four months, he loves it and is able to bounce himself to sleep on some days. As a bonus, it folds up and can be stored behind the couch so our living room doesn’t have to look like a playroom all day.  Another great toy that we haven’t quite yet grown into is the jumparoo. I don’t think he’ll be tall enough for it until 5 months, but it looks like fun, with lots of things to grab, hold, and try to teeth on. The design is the opposite of the Bjorn bouncer– it’s clunky, colorful, loud, and plastic — basically, it screams little kid. However, I think that’s what he’ll need at that age and since we don’t have a lot of toys right now, the jumparoo can serve that purpose.Breakdown of expenses:

  • Playmat: :39.99
  • Jumparoo: $80
  • Bouncer: $175.96
  • Rattle: $7.96


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